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NUCLR Heated Glass

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Welcome to Crystal Units

Crystal Units Ltd – like the form, represents the many facets in today’s demands for innovative glazing. Modern architecture requires sophisticated glazing to accommodate the creative enhancement of each building, while incorporating the environmental requirements to keep carbon footprints to a minimum.

30 years of experience

Crystal Units offers a wealth of expertise with a creative team boasting impressive technical knowledge. We understand how to integrate sustainability, ecological restrictions and aesthetic requirements – and no two projects are the same.

Innovative Glass Solutions

The continued expansion of Crystal Units towards innovative glass solutions has made us the preferred choice for many leading architects, glazing specialists, home owners and designers.

What we provide

Larger Scale
& Bespoke Projects

Crystal Units has the capacity to manage large scale assignments, having worked on numerous major landmark projects. We also enjoy the smaller, bespoke appointments and approach every client with the enthusiasm and attention to detail they deserve.


Crystal Units is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of commercial glazing developments.

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Crystal Units manufactures its glass to have all the benefits of modern double glazing, without compromising on the integrity or value of a period property.

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The pressures of sustainable homes is ever growing, and as recognition of these expectations changes, Crystal Units offers a range of high-tech glazing to suit any property.

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