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NUCLR Heated Glass


Main Room Heating

NUCLR can be configured so that it is the sole method of heating a space, producing a sleek and stylish finish whilst doing away with the need for bulky radiators or expensive underfloor heating.


Anti Chill

NUCLR can be used in conjunction with conventional heating systems. When warmed to room temperature, NUCLR eliminates the cold feeling around large installations of glazing. Perfect for keeping the chill out of any glass boxes, conservatories, or bi-folding door installations, as well as reducing drafts around a room.


Anti Condensation

Where clarity is desirable in regular or high humidity environments, NUCLR will eliminate condensation build up – making it the ideal product for installations such as luxury spas, heated pools, kitchens and bathrooms.


Ice and Snow Defrosting

NUCLR can be configured in a way to not only defrost snow and ice, but prevent its build-up entirely. If you have a project in a cold climate that’s subject to freezing, NUCLR will ensure that clarity is maintained all year round

NUCLR and its Innovative Design

How it works

Innovative design results in a thinner and lighter construction compared to traditional triple glazing, as well as being superior in performance

Conductive Low-e Coating

Passing an electric current across the surface of the coating generates heat.

Concealed by design

Invisible construction within an insulating glazed unit or a single laminate pane.


Bespoke design to perfectly suit every project.

Technical Information

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