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What Is C.U.IN

C.U.IN is an
innovative product

It incorporates suspended film within insulating glass units, resulting in the application of one of the most advanced technologies in the glazing industry today; a product that is both energy efficient and revolutionary. C.U.IN boasts ultra-low U-values in a thin and light solution, making it the eco-friendly, high performance selection over traditional glazing.

Better for the Environment

Better for the environment; C.U.IN reduces carbon emissions associated with glazing by up to 33%.

Industry Professionals

Industry Professionals; Less weight in large units ensures easy installation for those tricky projects, and less reliance on lifting machinery.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency; Industry-leading U values in both triple-glazed and double glazed units.

Home Owners

Home Owners; Better insulation, less energy waste, lower heating bills.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design; Our C.U.IN film mimics a pane of glass, without the additional weight thus achieving triple-glazed performance in a thinner and lighter design.

Architects & Specifiers

Architects and Specifiers; Contact us on the form below to get in touch with our team who will happily assist with your specification and answer any queries you have.


CUIN’s innovative design results in a thinner and lighter construction compared to traditional triple glazing, as well as being superior in performance. With U-values as low as 0.4 W/m2K in a double IGU, and 0.2 W/m2K in a triple IGU, without increasing the glazing thickness or weight, this makes CUIN the eco-friendly, high performance choice over traditional glazing.

  • The most thermally efficient insulating glass unit available on the market.
  • Up to 33% less glass.
  • Up to 36% thinner.
  • Lighter IGU’s will reduce loads on supporting building elements.
  • Standard frames and hardware for double glazing can be utilised.
  • Low carbon footprint.


Crystal Units are proud to bring to the market the most thermally efficient insulating glass units. Heat loss of a material is measured by its U-value, and is a key factor in sourcing the appropriate glazing for your project or home. The lower the U-value, the better your glazing’s thermal insulation properties. Simply, less heat loss and less waste.

  • CUIN achieves the lowest U-values available today.
  • Outstanding thermal insulation lowers energy bills.
  • Improved comfort in the home and workplace reducing cold spots and downdraughts.

The Greener Option

By using CUIN you’ll not only be committing to the environment, you’ll also discover how effective it is in terms of keeping the heat in and the cold out. EU leaders are committed to reduce the EU’s overall energy requirement and CO2 emissions. Energy efficient construction means less waste and better use of reserved energy. CUIN technology will reduce the environmental impact of your building and reduce energy costs throughout the building’s life. The technology engages design with performance, facilitating remarkable results.

  • By switching from standard triple glazing to CUIN’s innovative technology you can reduce the CO2 emitted in the manufacturing process by 8kg for every square metre of glazing.
  • As CUIN is thinner and lighter than traditional glazing you reduce CO2 emissions on transport from manufacture to delivery on site.
  • Highly thermally efficient, lowering demands on HVAC will provide a primary reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Fully recyclable materials.

Technical Information